Preparing For Surgery

There are many steps that you should take in order to prepare for any surgical procedure.  When presented with a specific procedure such as Bariatric Surgery rock hill, you will want to consult with your doctor on the specifics that you should follow to ensure that you are prepared for it physically and mentally.  In general, however, here are some tips that you can follow.

Reduce stress

Surgical procedures can be very stressful.  Many of us work constantly and the fear of taking time off or not being able to get a paycheck for several weeks while we recouped can be a scary situation.  This is why you need to take time to reduce stress and put all of your cards on the table and have things put into place before you go into your procedure.  The less stress you have going in and when you are out will help speed up your recovery time.

Build a support team

You will need support both before and after your procedure.  You will want to have people help bring you to the hospital, stay with you during recovery and be there for aftercare needs.  The stronger your support system the easier your recovery will be.

Monitor your medications

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Most of us are not used to taking medications.  After your procedure you may be given pain medication as well as other medications that are designed to help you with your recovery.  To help you get through your recovery quickly, have someone help you prepare and dispense your medications.  You will want to make sure that you take what you need in the proper dosage as well as at the specific times throughout the day and night, so they are effective on your body.  If you don’t manage your medication well, then it may not work as well as they were designed to do.